My Fragrance Voyage – Chanel and Pour Monsieur – A Review

I love Chanel. I have always admired the timeless and cutting-edge ideas from this couture house. I’m especially in love with its fragrances, such as Coco Mademoiselle, Antaeus, Pour Monsieur Concentré and Allure Sensuelle. Whenever I wear my Chanel fragrances, I become part of a very special group, individuals with good taste and a very strong sense of style. So, let me tell you my Chanel story. It is a fragrance voyage.

My voyage began as a need, or rather as a desire. I wanted to purchase Chanel’s Pour Monsieur, the concentrated version. I first attempted to buy it from an established discount perfumery. Unfortunately, a few days after I submitted my order, I was told that it was unavailable. Of course, I was disappointed. However, my quest for this cologne didn’t end.

I decided to start my pilgrimage on a Saturday evening. I planned to purchase Pour Monsieur at the Chanel Boutique at the Bellagio. I was decked out in my upscale shopping best — black Wild Pair dress boots, chic blue jeans and a casual white button-down shirt. Of course, I brought along my reddish Jack Spade wallet to hold my Platinum and upscale department store credit cards. I was ready for the voyage.

After driving a few miles, I decided to first stop at the Paris Hotel. I wanted to feel France, which was the home country of Chanel. I parked my truck in the Paris Hotel’s multi-level garage, got out my vehicle, walked to the elevator and took it to the Casino/Hotel level. Suddenly, I needed a small snack. I was in the mood for a seafood crepe, and it would give me a French feeling. I beelined to my favorite crepe stand, which was across from the too expensive, too mediocre Paris Hotel buffet. After I devoured my crepe, I felt very French, and I began my trek to Chanel.

About 30 minutes later, I was at the entrance of Chanel. I saw salespeople dressed in fashionable black suits helping their clients. At that moment, self-doubt suddenly kicked in. I wondered if they, the salespeople, would judge me. Would they think I was a fake? A “wannabe” upper class person? An interloper? I decided to kill my self-doubt and walked into the boutique.

A few minutes later, I was in front of the women’s fragrance counter, and I began my sniffing ritual. I smelled Allure, Allure Sensuelle and Coco. I liked them all since they reminded me of elegant and beautiful older women. As I was enjoying my fragrance high, a gorgeous and middle-aged Asian woman who was wearing a tight and feminine black suit spotted me. Of course, she was one of the wise Chanel salespeople. She walked over to me and asked me if I needed help. Since I was embarrassed about being discovered while indulging in my little addiction, I told her no in a small and soft voice. I escaped her gaze and walked over to the men’s fragrance counter.

I sniffed a Chanel cologne that I owned and a few others. They were Antaeus, Egoiste and Allure Homme Sport. The latter two didn’t appeal to me since they smelled too common. Suddenly, I spotted it. It was Pour Monsieur Concentré. I picked it up and slowly sprayed it on the back of my wrist and sniffed. I was in love. Its juice was very complex and refined.

According to, Pour Monsieur Concentré is “a rich composition exalted by profound, smooth notes.” mentions that it is “the understated fragrance for today’s civilized man. The most potent, long-lasting form of men’s fragrance. For an unmistakably masculine presence, day and night. Cooling, revitalizing spray. Spirited, masculine formula to spray all over the body.” This cologne harmoniously blends mandarin, petit grain and lavender as top notes. It later reveals spicy notes, cardamom and nutmeg and finally ends with oak moss, vetiver and vanilla. Thus, Chanel has created a very unique and classic fragrance.

I grabbed the sample from the counter, walked over to the elegant Asian woman and asked her how much it cost. She took it and went into a mysterious back room. In a few minutes later, she reappeared and told me that it cost $52.50. I couldn’t believe; this was a bargain for a Chanel product! I told her I wanted it. She smiled.

About 15 minutes later, I walked out of the Chanel boutique with my new purchase in tow. It was placed in a great looking shiny black shopping bag with the Chanel logo emblazoned on it. As I was walking into another establishment, people stared at my bag and me. They probably assumed that I was a well-off person that had bought a beautiful gift for my partner while we were both vacationing in Las Vegas. But, those stares had a deeper meaning. They were acknowledging that I was a person of good taste and recognizing an established and influential design house. Of course, the house of Chanel deserved (and still deserves) this admiration.

Beautiful Bali Jewelry – What Makes Bali Jewelry Unique?

Bali is a small island located in Indonesia. It has traditionally been home to jewelers and master artisans that work with silver, and create detailed and very unique and beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Bali jewelers use traditional methods to produce their unique style of silverwork. The traditions have been handed down from the Southern Chinese and Southeast Asian artisans, and many of the patterns and motifs used today have similar designs. Many families in Bali can trace their silversmith and jeweler roots back to the Majapahit Empire and the invasion of the Javanese in the 16th century. In Bali, metal smiths are known as Pandai, a term that means both smith and clever. In legends in the area, the first goldsmith clans were taught their craft by the gods that were sent to earth to teach humankind civil behavior.

Most jewelry in Bali, while originally gold, is now silver. The silver market is more popular worldwide, and the booming demand for exports dictates the production. There are both Balinese and Javanese traditions seen in what is known as Bali jewelry. Balinese silversmiths tend to use small spheres of silver arranged in intricate patterns on a silver background. This technique is called granulation, and provides a sharp contract between the darker background of the natural silver and the highly polished spheres of silver. Javanese silversmiths use fine filigree work on smooth, polished silver background. Most of the Bali jewelry on the market today is a combination of these two traditions.

Bali jewelry is unique is its combinations of silver with other metals and gemstones, in a fashion that is distinctive. The dark background of the unpolished silver serves to frame the patterns of the polished silver and highlight the gems and other metals used. Recently more woven-type silver and gold jewelry is being produced in Bali, and this has become very popular as an export.


Bali jewelry continues to be much sought after and very much in demand. It is important to note that many collectors can identify which silversmith clan produced the particular piece of jewelry simply because of the pattern of granulation that is used on the piece. The patterns are intricate and eye catching, and often incorporate other metals such as gold as well as gems.

In addition to rings, bracelets and pendants, Bali also produces beautiful and unique silver beads. These beads are extremely detailed and intricate, and are used for both commercial jewelry making and home hobby jewelry making.

The internet has increased the popularity of Bali jewelry with more people being able to access sites that sell the product. The high quality craftsmanship and uniqueness of the pieces give consumers a wide choice of items.

Buying Formal Or Casual Pishwas

Pishwas was basically worn by the mughals who were the royal family unit of Indo-Pak. Nowadays; such dresses are commonly worn by the Pakistani and Indian women. The ladies of these two countries love to wear the traditional clothes especially on their engagement or wedding like pishwas. Moreover, kids of course will transmit your culture and custom to the next generation. Thus, countless designers are creating variety of beautiful and inspiring party or wedding wear pishwas for the cute young girls. You can order and can get one ready made. But if you will place an order then making time of such dress can be up to three weeks. You can also customize this online selected dress according to your needs.

For formal wear, you can choose a pishwas in sea green color with dull gold, copper embroidery, kora, dapka, stone and resham work on georgette or banarsi fabric. You can see the price of that select dress and color before placing your order. These pishwas are categorized as: formal, bridal and casual. Bridal’s pishwas are available with heavy work on it and usually fabric uses for such dresses is banarsi, raw silk and georgette. Moreover, the price ranges for bridal pishwas is $120.00 to $ 1,465.00. Some are available with full hand embroidered front open, while others are having zari work on bodies.

But casual pishwas comes with comparatively light embroidery work either resham or antique dapka work on it. You can get casual pishwas with a price range from $25.00 to $ 155.00. Instead of plain fabric, you can find this dress with embroidery work on a printed or tie and die fabric either cotton or silky. You can get such dress in different styles as Anarkali pishwas with flared bottom like in pink color with heavy embroidered bodice on full open front using pearls, crystal stones, kundan, kora, resham and sequins. You can also find variety in embroidery patterns like floral embroidery. These pishwas can be available with a trouser or shalwar and dupatta.