Swatch – The Brand Ushers a New Age in Swiss Timekeeping

Since the inception, Swatch watches have revealed a different watch design from the conventional Swiss watch brands.

These timepieces are beautiful and eloquent in style. But its history is very much interesting for watch-lovers.

The brand has started a new era in the timekeeping world through its plastic and colourful timepieces. These watches are ageless and they can be worn on any occasions. The timepieces are an attitude that made an indigenous mark in the history of the timekeeping.

History speaks the brand’s journey:

In the luxurious world of the Swiss timekeeping, Swatch watches has made a sensation with their affordability ranges.

In 1983, these watches were much more than just time-tellers. Before the introduction of the brand, the Swiss watches were believed to have been the objects of careful craftsmanship.

These timepieces were designed with hand-crafted mechanical movements that were engineered with advanced features.

At this time, the Swiss watch-making had faced a crisis that changed the core of the timekeeping world.

Overnight, Asian cheap timepieces with quartz movement reduced the demand of the expensive timepieces.

Then, Swatch watches were introduced with a new start. They were not as expensive as their luxury ones, but they looked more fashionable and more appealing to people.

The content offers a glimpse of some magnificent timepieces of the brand that surprise watch-lovers of all ages:

The Jelly:

As the name depicts, the watch comes up with a transparent feature. It is said the collection is an oldest one in the swatch group. Apart from the mechanics and movements, the timepiece is designed in a transparent way.

Swatch Irony Automatic Body:

The skeletonised dial of the watch has taken the innovation of the brand to the next level. This watch maintains a certain level of sophistication with the timepiece. It is the perfect piece for appreciating your casual fashion.

Right Track:

In terms of appearance, this watch won the hearts of millions. The bold dial is enhanced with three sub-dials. A date displaying window at 3 o’ clock position gives this timepiece a smart look. Every feature is designed in a way that wearers can smoothly navigate all the functions of the watch. The chronograph pusher gives you a feeling of the secured mechanic.

Uhren Double Dot YKS4001:

It is not just a watch; rather it is a movement. In 1991, the watch was introduced by the brand and it started a craze in the watch market. The timepiece was designed with an Internet time zone for watch-lovers.

Serpent GZ102 Keith Haring Swatch:

This watch holds a history back in 1985. Keith Haring, a known young artist at that time, designed the watch to explore his indigenous creativity. In today’s time, this watch is considered an expensive timepiece for portraying the design of the artist.

Blue SLK100 Musical Swatch Watch:

This watch extended the mechanics of the Swiss watch-making with its technologies. With a cool appearance, this watch played a soothing music tuned by a famous musician.

These watches have a charm that makes people spellbound; they are designed in a unique way different from the quintessential Swiss timepieces.