Swatch – The Brand Ushers a New Age in Swiss Timekeeping

Since the inception, Swatch watches have revealed a different watch design from the conventional Swiss watch brands.

These timepieces are beautiful and eloquent in style. But its history is very much interesting for watch-lovers.

The brand has started a new era in the timekeeping world through its plastic and colourful timepieces. These watches are ageless and they can be worn on any occasions. The timepieces are an attitude that made an indigenous mark in the history of the timekeeping.

History speaks the brand’s journey:

In the luxurious world of the Swiss timekeeping, Swatch watches has made a sensation with their affordability ranges.

In 1983, these watches were much more than just time-tellers. Before the introduction of the brand, the Swiss watches were believed to have been the objects of careful craftsmanship.

These timepieces were designed with hand-crafted mechanical movements that were engineered with advanced features.

At this time, the Swiss watch-making had faced a crisis that changed the core of the timekeeping world.

Overnight, Asian cheap timepieces with quartz movement reduced the demand of the expensive timepieces.

Then, Swatch watches were introduced with a new start. They were not as expensive as their luxury ones, but they looked more fashionable and more appealing to people.

The content offers a glimpse of some magnificent timepieces of the brand that surprise watch-lovers of all ages:

The Jelly:

As the name depicts, the watch comes up with a transparent feature. It is said the collection is an oldest one in the swatch group. Apart from the mechanics and movements, the timepiece is designed in a transparent way.

Swatch Irony Automatic Body:

The skeletonised dial of the watch has taken the innovation of the brand to the next level. This watch maintains a certain level of sophistication with the timepiece. It is the perfect piece for appreciating your casual fashion.

Right Track:

In terms of appearance, this watch won the hearts of millions. The bold dial is enhanced with three sub-dials. A date displaying window at 3 o’ clock position gives this timepiece a smart look. Every feature is designed in a way that wearers can smoothly navigate all the functions of the watch. The chronograph pusher gives you a feeling of the secured mechanic.

Uhren Double Dot YKS4001:

It is not just a watch; rather it is a movement. In 1991, the watch was introduced by the brand and it started a craze in the watch market. The timepiece was designed with an Internet time zone for watch-lovers.

Serpent GZ102 Keith Haring Swatch:

This watch holds a history back in 1985. Keith Haring, a known young artist at that time, designed the watch to explore his indigenous creativity. In today’s time, this watch is considered an expensive timepiece for portraying the design of the artist.

Blue SLK100 Musical Swatch Watch:

This watch extended the mechanics of the Swiss watch-making with its technologies. With a cool appearance, this watch played a soothing music tuned by a famous musician.

These watches have a charm that makes people spellbound; they are designed in a unique way different from the quintessential Swiss timepieces.

Japanese Swimsuit Models

With the rise in popularity of sushi, so has the parallel popularity of the Japanese swimsuit models risen. You have reached this site today because you have sought them out on the internet. No, do not be embarrassed, for this site was written especially with you in mind. You are certainly not alone in your admiration of this exotic delicacies.

The country of Japan is known for promoting healthy lifestyles (well at least they eat healthy, smoking and working until nearly dead are not exactly the same as eating raw fish). They have a diet that consists primarily of organic and natural foods. Especially the Japanese swimsuit models do not eat things battered and deep fried for every meal as people in some countries do. This is probably why they have such a nice thin physique to put on display for you.

There are so many things you could do with the results of your Google search. You could just sit and stare at the various websites. You could research the lives and careers of some of these models. You could take your picture of the model of your choice and use it as a background or screen saver on your computer! You could take several different pictures plug them into a photo smart program and print out your very own twelve month calendar featuring the gorgeous Japanese swimsuit models of your choice and liking.

You could print out the pictures of your favorite models and cut them out and put them in those coaster things you see at Christmas time everywhere. Maybe you are not even the big fan of these models, maybe your father or brother or best friend is? These would definitely make awesome holiday gifts. Or you could bring them to someone’s house at Christmas to play the “dirty Santa” game. It is always more fun and funny if the gifts people bring are really and actually dirty instead of nice.

Perhaps you are such a fan of this type of woman that you would enjoy beginning your own website dedicated to their edification and exploitation? You could use pretty colors and fonts to share your love of Asian beauties with the world at large. Perhaps you are a big enough fan of only one girl? If you have researched (not stalked, they are too far away anyhow) this lady thoroughly, you should have a database of pictures available for other people just like yourself to check out and enjoy. There is no sense of keeping all of the beautiful Japanese swimsuit models all to yourself. You are not greedy are you? I think not.

I hope this website has been helpful in your, no doubt endless quest for the perfect Japanese face attached to the perfect Japanese body wearing nearly nothing at all. Let us know if you find something better. Everyone appreciates a gorgeous Japanese woman showing her sweet self off in seductive and sensual poses. We wish you good luck and bid you adieu. Y’all come back now you hear?

Shampoo Bowl Design

Here is an email I’ve received from one of my customers who is confused about all the different salon shampoo washing systems and shampoo bowl designs available on the market.

“I’m opening a new beauty salon and I really love all the new style beauty salon shampoo stations, but I can’t find the design style information anywhere. I have many questions. What salon shampoo washing system style is the best to buy? Should I stick with the traditional salon shampoo bowl design or the new stylish Euro style shampoo bowls? I’m used to the old fashion beauty salon all-purpose styling chair with a sink. What are the pros and cons of buying each different style? Are some more comfortable than others? Do certain models provide for better water management? Is there anyone who can steer me in the right direction?”

First of all I’d like to say that I love these new Euro-style freestanding shampoo backwash units. The quality and styling of the fiberglass base units combined with the tilting porcelain bowls have created fantastic designs. That said, lets talk about the age-old question that I get asked all the time: What shampoo bowl should I buy?

What I tell people is buy the one that will make your salon stand out from all the rest if that’s the fashion statement that you want to make! But be aware of the design pros and cons. Lets talk about the basics of shampoo equipment like water management (water/gravity) and customer comfort. I like to break it down into three styles of shampoo sink design each with their distinct advantages and disadvantages.

1) An Asian style horizontal laying shampoo unit puts 100% of the head and 100% of the water in the bowl with gravity working for you 100%. But speaking from experience, they always seem to be difficult to lay down on (kind of like a big table) and uncomfortable for clients. This shampoo unit probably has the best water management system but not a very big seller, because of the huge lack of customer comfort.

2) So let’s talk about the old fashion American beauty salon with their wall mount shampoo sink. Well think about it, the client is on 45 degrees with the gravity of their head hanging into the sink and the stylist washing from the side. This means lets say 45% of the water with the help of gravity is working with you for water management. But it’s unfortunate that the client’s head is hanging in the bowl or you are holding it. Plus you are forced to stand toward the front side of the shampoo bowl typically wedged against the wall. This causes back strain for the stylist and head strain for the client, but your water management isn’t too bad because the sink is rather large and gravity is somewhat working for you.

3) Now that takes us to the newer Euro style tilting shampoo bowl with more of a sit-up style all in one shampoo unit. These Euro designs are quite comfortable! Basically it’s like, sitting in a chair and this makes your client more at ease plus easier to manage when shampooing. The typical freestanding backwash shampoo unit has quite a few ergonomic advantages for the stylists. First, you can wash hair standing in the rear of the bowl or from either side. This allows the back to remain straight and utilization of both hands can be equal. The bowl will tilt (most units) into the head and shoulders compensating for different heights. Some of these bowls have a tendency of being smaller in diameter so you are closer to your client, which is important for some of the smaller stylist. Most of the bowls have typically a deep neck recess with longer side neck extensions to collect water. This will help your water management with the longer neck extensions since gravity is not working in your favor with this style unit. You will need adequate water pressure but not excessive in combination with good working habits to manage your water around the client. Although, gravity is slightly more of a concern with this style, the advantages of the Euro-style shampoo bowls far outweigh the slight differences from the traditional shampoo units.

To sum it all up, the American market typically trends toward the standard wall mount shampoo bowl (ex. 2) if you don’t have a lot of space and are on a limited budget. But the newer Euro-style shampoo bowls offer huge variety, ergonomic comfort, and provide very economical choices. Plus the fashion statements you can design into your salon are absolutely endless. To be able to offer these Euro-style shampoo systems with porcelain bowls, complete with all the plumbing fixtures installed and a stylish fiberglass non-rusting base at these economics prices is very exciting for us here at Keller International.